The hot list

This page used to contain pictures of some of the celebrities I find attractive, but in truth there are so many beautiful girls out there both famous and otherwise that it became impossible to manage, so I've slimmed it down to just a few of my current favourite people I'd like to meet and have my photo taken with. You may or may not agree with my selections and you're free to have your own opinion, but for one reason or another I think these girls are attractive. Fortunately what attracts one person to another is different for all of us, for me I find beauty in imperfection or a slight quirkiness like a crooked smile, and apparently in dark hair and dark eyes looking at my selections.

I recently found this site which has some excellent quality pictures of a wide range of celebrities and is the source of most of the images below, while the Shu Qi picture is from this site.


     Pictures to follow...