My dream garage

Garage 1: Daily driver.

When Volkswagen first announced the new Scirocco back in 2006 it looked to me like a Golf with a more aerodynamic front, but since it's release in 2008 I've seen a couple on the road and I have to say most of the time I really like it (it seems the colour can make a huge difference between whether or not it looks 'cool'). I'd opt for the 2.0 TDi 170 GT model with standard 6-speed manual gearbox, optional folding mirrors, cruise control, parking sensors and roof spoiler. With floor mats and mud flaps but without leather interior this configuration comes in at virtually 25,000. I must say that I particularly like the interior styling and instruments, and the more aggressive styling of the 2010 'R' series models, but 2 years after it's release I've still not test driven one!


Garage 2: A bit more space.

I love both the Audi RS4 and RS6 Avants even more than my old Vectra GSi, but while estate cars are practical they don't always look very good. However, the sports styling and awesome performance of the RS models, and the fact that there's plenty of space for a family make these cars a winner in my book, even though the 2010 model will set you back at least 75,000.


Garage 3: Two wheels.

When the fuel-injected Suzuki GSX-R 750 was released in 2004 I swore that one day I'd buy one. Originally the all-black paintwork was only available on the 1000, but it became an option on the 750 in 2006 along with a pretty nice dark blue too. While that would sort me out on the road, for the track the Kawasaki ZX-6R performed above it's spec in the October 2010 Fast Bikes 2.5k Used Shootout article. Although featuring the 2002 A1 model after they missed out on a couple of 2003 B1's due to the budget restrictions for the article, I personally like the under seat exhaust exit on the 2006 C6F so would probably pay a little extra to get this model.